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On-A-Roll Digital Marketing Retainer

On-A-Roll Digital Marketing Retainer

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What is covered:

Launching Campaign Basics


  1. Creating social media accounts/profiles
  2. Bio setup & Page Optimization

Optimize, manage & grow [ SMART Goals]

  • Scheduling/ Posting 1-2 attractive & relevant content
  • Keyword research
  • Competitors research
  • Audience research
  • Hashtag research & Indexing
  • Outline Strategy
  • Effective post ideas
  • Engaging Captions
  • Branded Content

Increase the restaurant's online visibility by creating and optimizing your social media channels for search engines.

Improve Rankings, Drive Traffic, & Increase Leads!

- Strategy

- Content creation

- Distribution

- Reporting

Running Paid Campaigns 

Online Marketing Plan

  1. Social Media
  2. SEO & Adwords
  3. Online Listings

4.Online Ordering Platform & User Journey

  1. Email/SMS
  2. Branded Loyalty Program
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. Social Listening
  5. Blog
  6. Video Content

Search engine marketing

Increase the restaurant's online visibility by creating and optimizing your website for search engines.

Improve Rankings, Drive Traffic, & Increase Leads!

- Strategy

- Content creation

- Distribution

- Reporting

Online Listings

Listing your business on the best and most popular sites. 

Listing your business will allow you to start getting reviews, ratings, testimonials, and many other things.

Get Listed On:

Google My Business

LinkedIn Company Directory



Yahoo! Local


Apple Maps

With mobiles becoming popular among the millennials, An online ordering platform can help you in:

Getting direct orders – no commissions to be paid

Branding and advertising

Retaining customers


Creation and distribution of SMS and Email campaigns to engage with your audience.

Branded Loyalty program

Give your customers a sense of recognition and achievement!

Loyalty programs benefit your restaurant because:

– You have an opportunity to please your guests.

– You can attract more customers through it.

– You can retain more customers through effective marketing opportunities.

– You can build a strong brand for your restaurant.


44% of millennials (25-34) say they are more loyal to restaurant brands than before. 

And 30% of millennials plan to sign up for every loyalty program.

Good food

is for everyone.

If our customers cannot 

come to us, 

we will come to them.


Influencer marketing

Using influential personalities or entities to market your restaurant. They can be chefs, cooking show hosts or noted food bloggers.

- Influecner research

- INfluencer communication

- INfluencer campaign tracking + Setup

Social Listening

Social listening is an excellent way to understand the public sentiment about your food truck. When any negative social post comes up, with effective social listening tools, you can be quick to address it.

- Create social listening account

- Optimize social listening account

- Analysis of data

- Transforming data into ideas into marketing campaigns

- Enhancing the brand


Everyone including you use their internet to find restaurants, read reviews, order online or make reservations. 

A blog can strengthen your digital reputation, SEO ranking and ability to build your database for email campaigns.

Starting a blog on your website allows you to promote your food, cuisine and even values that your food truck stands by. You can get even more mileage from your blog by publishing posts by guest authors. These can be famous chefs, food bloggers, or even some customers.

- Blog Setup

- Full Blog Monthly Management 


Promoting and selling merchandise

Offline marketing plan


 Print Ads

 Catering Jobs


Tasting Sessions

Happy Customers

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